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Hopefully, my handling of this guy is better than my actual swimming. I can't do that at all hahaaa sorry, that just got real.

Let me know in the comments or pm me! IP logging is off and anonymous is on. As of making this post, this is a very new character for me (and I am very new to the show) so I'd love to hear feedback from you.
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CHARACTER SERIES: Free Gay Ass Swimmers!


Backtagging: Most definitely!
Threadhopping: It better be worth it! ;) Don't be afraid to ask though.
Fourthwalling: Unless it's gonna somehow be emotionally devastating (in which I'd rather you ask first), go ahead!
Offensive subjects: Just be cool.


Hugging this character: Go ahead. He'd likely get flustered and/or ask wth is up.
Kissing this character: See above, only 1000x on the flustered part.
Flirting with this character: You can try~
Fighting with this character: LOLOLOL It'd be funny, but please ask first.
Injuring this character: As long as it's not crippling or life threatening (in which then, please ask first).
Killing this character: only if it's softly, with your song.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Prepare for lots of internal screaming. I'm more than likely okay with it, assuming you already know the canon and all that!


I'm open to play out any ships if that's your jam. RinRei? MakoRei? Reigisa? HaruRei? SouRei? xxxRei? Let's do it. Ngl, while I pretty much enjoy every ship I've seen, I've been leaning more towards HaruRei and RinRei. I also would not initiate any ships unless I get the okay or see it in your permissions that you're okay with it. (So don't worry about me springing Rei's dongle at your dude without your given permission!) That said, I don't really play smut. The notion of it makes me nervous, but I'm willing to give it a shot with this guy if that's what you want. I'm attempting to expand my comfort zone a bit, hahaaa. I'm somewhat open to cross-canon ships too. (It's easier if I know the canon myself though.)

I'm good with fluff, angst, gen...and I am a total sucker for hurt/comfort. Horror is fine too! PM me if you wanna hash out details or whatever it is you think that needs to be discussed beforehand. Looking forward to threading with you! c:


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